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Question Bank is Growing!

Question Bank is Growing!

General Active News   /   Jul 11th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
Our Question Bank is very excitedly starting to fill up, but we would love more of your questions!

Don't forget there's a year's subscription to an architectural magazine up for grabs if you deposit before the end of July 2018. 
If you are unfamiliar with any of the titles on offer, you can check them out here:

Home Magazine Showcasing beautiful New zealand based architecture. 
Sanctuary Magazine  Australian based modern green homes. 
Green Magazine Melbourne based focusing on inspirational sustainable design.

Remember the questions you deposit will help us to put together resources that will help take the unknown out of building so you don't have to stumble over them later. 
Our Question Bank page is Here. Questions that are deposited are shown to give you an idea of what others are asking. 
While the resources are being developed we are answering some of the question directly on our Ak-tiv Blog.

We look forward to receiving more of your gems. 

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