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Frontyard Shed

Frontyard Shed

Completed Projects   /   Jul 9th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
A good 11 years ago or so, I met with a client with a difference. He was planning to build a studio workshop in his front yard, mostly by himself. On our first meeting he presented me with a scaled model and images of that model superimposed into photos of the actual site from various angles. Each image perfectly scaled and arranged, he explained he would probably be a bit more particular than other people might be. He was right!, but what resulted was a wonderfully crafted and unique building that suited exactly HIS lifestyle and dreams. This is often an unfortunate casualty of the catalogue subdivision house mentailty of today. People don't seem build for themselves anymore. Too often the fear of not being able to sell the house in 5 years time wins over the use of bold colour, quirky finishes, self indulgent or even just specific spaces that suit the family's lifestyle. 
For privacy reasons I can't publish many finished photos but you can see the model and a couple of the scaled images here. The one competed photo I was given permission to publish is the last image which shows just how close the model was to the finished building (compare Fronyard Shed images 5 and 6).
I applaud the sheer will, determination, maybe even single minded doggedness, that is required to realise a space that truly reflects it's owners spirit and lifestyle. Hopefully this will inspire others to follow and we can see more uniqueness in our suburban streets. 
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