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About Active Architecture

Active Architecture Ltd has been designing people and environment focused architecture since 2010. Houses and buildings designed around the brief of the owners, the sun, the immediate environment and the occupants themselves producing living, breathing, watertight, energy efficient and healthy environments.

LBP Design 2 License allows us to design most building types and sizes, residential and light commercial/industrial

Also very happy to work on projects anywhere in New Zealand and elsewhere.

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What Active Architecture can provide for You

Initial Consultation

We will visit your house or site so we can understand how you live and offer pre-design wisdom and advice so you can get all your ducks in-line prior to launching into a project. .


Whether it's a small alteration or new house we provide a full design service specific to your requirements.


How the house relates to it's environment is paramount to a healthy home. North always comes before style or kitchen tap choice.


We provide full service from feasibility studies, concept design, resource consents, liaison and engagement of sub consultants, consent documentation and submission, to on-site monitoring and administration.

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